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About SASA

The Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) is the key administrative service of the Government of Sri Lanka, with civil servants working for both in the central government as well as in the provincial councils. It was formed as the Ceylon Administrative Service (CAS) in 1963 as the successor to the Ceylon Civil Service which was abolished on May 1, 1963.


 Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association (SASA) is the trade union of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service officers which exercises their right to freedom of association – a fundamental right under the Constitution of Sri Lanka. It is a registered trade union under the Trade Union Ordinance No 14 of 1935, thus the members and officers of the Association enjoys all protections, privileges and immunities afforded to a registered trade union.


As the Premier Public Service of Sri Lanka we have a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. We must realize now that we are in the 21 century, and the General Public always expects a better service from us. It is for this reason that we have to think positively and change the public sector systems and procedures according to the new thinking and give our best to the nation. Scientists have explained that the knowledge doubles in every five years. So think back about your knowledge and see whether it has doubled or not in the last five years. Also think about the service which you rendered these years and try to be more innovative and creative. It will be more helpful to the general public and plan to give your maximum. SASA will always be there with you to make your journey a Success!


1. To organize all members of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service as a trade union;

2.To take action to enhance and protect their service benefits and security, and occupational rights and privileges;

3. To assist the members in their professionals and other problems and disputes by way of financial assistance, legal advice and in any other appropriate manner;

4. To ameliorate and protect the members’ economical, social, educational, occupational and service conditions;
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Message from the President

Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) being the premier service in Sri Lanka has a long history of more than five decades. It is apparent that people always sought the support of the SLAS when they want the services from the government. Generally, an SLAS officer starts his/her career at the grass root level of the country and with his/her experience, knowledge and age, he/she has the opportunity to reach the top most positions of the public service. If he/she does not update his/her knowledge with the time, he/she will not be able to perform his/her duties of higher positions well. In such a situation, promotion holders become officials who act upon just figure head roles.
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About SLAS

The Sri Lanka Administrative Service, Which is the premier public service in Sri Lanka, has a prestigious history dating back to 1802, when the Ceylon Civil Service (CCS) was a established by the British Government, mainly to collect revenue and to maintain law and order in the country.

After regaining independence from the British rule, the CCS was restructured as the Ceylon Administrative Service (CAS) in 1963, to suit the requirements of the independent Ceylon and was renamed as Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) in 1972, when Sri Lanka became a republic.

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Services Offered by SASA Website

Being a member of SASA has many advantages. One of them is to being able to access the online services offered by SASA website. SASA online services are focused on providing a better service to its members. By doing so, to improve Quality, Standards and Productivity of Sri Lanka Administration Service. We expect our members to use these facilities offered to improve their quality of work and to contribute to the effort of making better Management Competencies.
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