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SASA Online Services

Being a member of SASA has many advantages. One of them is to being able to access the online services offered by SASA website. SASA online services are focused on providing a better service to its members. By doing so, to improve Quality, Standards and Productivity of Sri Lanka Administration Service. We expect our members to use these facilities offered to improve their quality of work and to contribute to the effort of making better Management Competencies.

  • SASA Members Profile
    you can instantly update your SASA members profile using the SASA website. Your contact info and personal data will be updated immediately as you enter them to your profile.
  • Job Opportunities
    When new vacancies are available, they will be put on the Vacancies section for acquiring application. Plus, your profiles will be searched by the editor as soon as a vacancy that suite you is available.
  • SASA Members All Across Sri Lanka
    You will be able to keep in touch with all members of SASA throw the SASA website.
  • Access to the Members directory of SASA
    You will be able to search for friends and members that you need to contact from the SASA Members Directory and find the contact numbers you want.
  • Contact SASA Editor and the Executive Committee
    You will be able to directly contact SASA Editor and the Members of the Executive Committee by sending messages an by submitting to Open Discussions.
  • Open SASA Discussions
    Current issues are discussed under this section and you can contribute to SASA management by submitting your views to Open Discussions.
  • SASA Messaging Service
    You can send text messages to members using SASA Messaging Service. An Inbox and an Outbox is available for you to send and read messages.
  • News and Current Affairs
    News and Current affairs are updated on the Home Page for you to get aware of and to get updated.
  • News Letters
    SASA Newsletters are available from the SASA website for you to download and read.
  • Annual Reports
    At the year end, Annual reports are submitted o the website for your access.
  • SASA Gallery
    Images and articles are available on events, AGMs' and other activities throw the SASA Events Gallery.
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