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About SLAS

The Sri Lanka Administrative Service, Which is the premier public service in Sri Lanka, has a prestigious history dating back to 1802, when the Ceylon Civil Service (CCS) was a established by the British Government, mainly to collect revenue and to maintain law and order in the country.
After regaining independence from the British rule, the CCS was restructured as the Ceylon Administrative Service (CAS) in 1963, to suit the requirements of the independent Ceylon and was renamed as Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) in 1972, when Sri Lanka became a republic.
Irrespective of the above changes of title and the characteristics of the Administrative Service, its contribution to the advancement of the country has continued to be a significant one, throughout its history.
Today’s SLAS consists of over 2500 Public Sector Managers who are qualified in many different field and are adaptable to hold the key government position ranging from Assistant Divisional Secretary to H.E. the President.
With a prestigious history of two countries, which guides and illuminates our path, the SLAS continues to service to our country and its people, following the motto; “Service First!”

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