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  1. To organize all members of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service as a trade union;
  2. To take action to enhance and protect their service benefits and security, and occupational rights and privileges;
  3. To assist the members in their professionals and other problems and disputes by way of financial assistance, legal advice and in any other appropriate manner;
  4. To ameliorate and protect the members’ economical, social, educational, occupational and service conditions;
  5. To develop an optimum level of discipline and code of ethics among the members and make Sri Lanka Administrative service the service par-excellence in the public service;
  6. To intervene, and make recommendations and proposals to the government in matters affecting the public administration and the administrative service;
  7. To protect the occupational and service conditions of the members of the executive committee to enable them to act uprightly and fearlessly in the realization of the objectives of the Association;
  8. To take measures for the betterment of the female members of the Association
  9. To take any other step that may be considered relevant for the benefits and betterment of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and its members.
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