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The SASA Welfare Fund Boost by The Global Voluntary Fundraising GroupPublished By: SASA Web Team

The SASA Welfare Fund Boost by The Global Voluntary Fundraising Group

The SASA Welfare Fund Boost by The Global Voluntary Fundraising Group

Let’s keep our most vulnerable from starvation!!!

At a time when the entire world is under the siege of an unprecedented global pandemic, we keep our loved ones, back home, in our hearts and souls. With the rapid progression of COVID-19 pandemic, effective transmission control strategies implemented in Sri Lanka have dramatically affected the livelihood of many Sri Lankans. Many of our own are struggling to purchase daily necessities, feed their children and obtain medical supplies for life-threatening diseases. While the government has initiated numerous programs to support affected families in need, it is a monumental task and not everyone is benefited through these mechanisms. Due to the nature of their occupations, “Daily Wage Earners” in particular, may not get supported by many ongoing endeavors and are desperate for some help. As Sri Lankans living away from home, this is a rare opportunity for us to come together and provide much needed support to those who are in desperation. We initiated this Global Fundraiser to collect and donate your precious contributions to SASA Welfare Fund, a program initiated by Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association (SASA) to support most vulnerable families across the country.


Who are the targeted beneficiaries?

SASA, the premier public service organization of Sri Lanka, has identified that there are nearly 2 million families in the high risk category. Although some of these families are benefited through funding mechanisms established by the government, according to SASA, there are tens of thousands of families that are not covered by any of the aforementioned establishments. We intend to raise and donate money to SASA Welfare Fund to support the first 7500 most vulnerable families with Rs. 5000 for each family based on vulnerability ranking data available from SASA.


Why support the SASA Welfare Fund?

We identified SASA as a non-political entity driven by government administrative officers. Established structure of SASA makes it the best operational mechanism in Sri Lanka to reach the people truly in need of support, at the grassroots level. Furthermore, the traceability embedded in the SASA Welfare Fund enables us to track the fund disbursement process throughout the process to the individual beneficiaries. Notably, members of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association, other public and private workers with generous hearts have donated their one day salary to the SASA Welfare Fund, perhaps because they identified this as one of the most effective mechanisms to reach families in absolute need. Yet again, this example itself highlights how generous the Sri Lankan hearts are!!!


What happens after the fundraiser?

Our intention is to raise as much donations as possible within the first 15 days of the fundraiser. Once we transfer funds to the SASA Welfare Fund we will include fund transfer details on the fundraiser page. We will include a summary of the disbursement as we go through. If you need any specific details at that point, please feel free to contact any of the organizers using the details given below.


How can you help?

As you all know already, this is now or never! Our help is needed by our loved ones at this very moment. So consider supporting now spreading the word to others by sharing the fundraiser on your walls. Every dollar matters! Your contribution can help a father to feed his family and a daughter to buy her mother’s prescription. It doesn't matter individually how diverse we are, the generous heart of a Sri Lankan unites us and we know how much we all want to help our own people at this point. Hopefully this fundraiser will provide the platform to do what we can do!!!


Why use FaceBook?

Social media has become the most effective way of connecting with others in the contemporary world. Therefore, to effectively reach all of you within a short period of time, we decided to use the FaceBook platform to execute the fundraiser.

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Fundraising team:

Roshan Liyanage (Washington,USA), Champike Yatagama (Victoria, Australia), Theekshana Somaratna (California, USA), and Kasun Buddika (Indiana, USA).


Any questions?

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the organizers via fundraiser page or the SASA Secretary Mr. Rohana De Silva at +94714899611.

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