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Where to Start

  1. Visit “” from a computer that has access to the internet.
  2. Visit Members menu and see whether your profile is present.
  3. If your profile is available, directly go to Step 7.
  4. If your profile is not present, you have not obtained SASA membership or information about you might need to be resent to SASA.
  5. Down load the PDF file containing the SASA Application (Download)
  6. When you receive your SASA Member ID, your account is created and activated on the SASA Website.
  7. Use your Member ID (ex: 1975001) as the Username and NIC number as the Password to login.
  8. Please change your password the first time you login.

My SASA Profile

  1. Fill your personal and academic information by Visiting My SASA Profile on the right side link.
  2. You must fill out all the Fields that is marked with an asterisk (*).
  3. The online form is properly validated and it is unlikely for you to make a mistake.
  4. If you have made a mistake like, not entering information for a required field, a message is displayed.
  5. Don’t change picture unless you needed to. Make sure it is in the right size and format (80 by 100 px –jpg).
  6. It is recommended to save a copy of your picture before modifying it, in case you need it later.
  7. Some fields are read only. Send an email to the editor regarding the changes you want (ex: Joined Date).
  8. In the Professional Qualifications section select the basic category from the drop down list and type the nature of the qualification. (ex: Type: Degree Description: BSC-University of Peradeniya) information from this section will be used for informing about vacancies and opportunities.
  9. When entering Work History specify the appointed date, duration and the department. If you are not sure of the appointed date make it as the 1st of January for the specifying the year.
  10. If you feel that you have made a mistake, you can undo your actions by clicking the reset button at the bottom. If you have finish doing changes to your SASA Profile, double check your changes and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You can modify your profile as many times you like.

Members Area

Articles that are published specially for SASA members are accessible from here. You may access the Members Aria from the link bar on your right hand side.

Open Discussions

Current issues are discussed under this section and you can contribute to SASA management by submitting your views to Open Discussions. You may also find this on the link bar.

Login >> go to Open Discussions >> select a topic >> Read >> Post comments using the simple form below the article.

SASA Messaging Service

You can send text messages to members using SASA Messaging Service. An Inbox and an Outbox is available for you to send and receive messages. Messages from the editor are also sent to this section.

Login >> Members Section >> Find Member >> Click Message Icon >> Enter the Subject and message >> Click Send

To view received Messages. Login >> SASA Inbox >> View, reply or delete messages.

More Information

Read the topic “SASA Online Services” on the home page.

Contact SASA Editor (+94 112 347393) or Lithium Technologies (071 8147700)

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